Louisville Basketball: Could This Be Mitchell’s Last Season?

We examine if this could be Donovan Mitchell’s last season in the Louisville basketball program before turning pro.

Louisville basketball player Donovan Mitchell has been on fire over the past few weeks, but could that be leading to Mitchell leaving the program for the NBA after this season is over? We usually tend to hear about Deng Adel’s NBA potential before Mitchell for whatever reason, but we all know that it’s inevitable Mitchell will leave the Cards for professional basketball at some point.

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There are just so many great additions coming into the program next season, that I selfishly want Mitchell to stay on the team because the 2017-2018 Cardinals are going to be amazing with him at the helm.

However, those guys may have to go on without Donovan Mitchell, as one major website has Donovan Mitchell as the only Cardinals potentially getting drafted after this season.

Draft Express updated their previous Mock Draft earlier in the week and Donovan Mitchell made a major move in their predictions. Due to his great play over the past few weeks, they have the Cleveland Cavaliers drafting Mitchell at the 27th spot in the first round.

Obviously, it would be really hard to turn down leaving Louisville if you were going to potentially be a first round draft pick. However, I would like to see if this type of prediction for Mitchell stays this way over the next few months.

There is still a ton of basketball left to be played, but if the Cardinals are going far in the NCAA Tournament this year, then that would mean that Donovan Mitchell is playing like a superstar. If he’s playing that well, then it’s inevitable that he would be leaving the program for the NBA.

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