John Calipari says Kentucky might practice until it pukes after nearly blowing huge lead

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Think you have a tough day ahead of you? At least you won’t be running to (or past) the point of nausea while John Calipari screams at you.

After Tuesday’s win over LSU, the Kentucky coach warned that Wednesday’s practice would not be a fun one for his Wildcats. On the surface, a 92-85 victory doesn’t seem so terrible – especially considering Kentucky had lost three of its past four games. However, the 15th-ranked Wildcats nearly blew a 25-point lead with just under nine minutes remaining against the Tigers, drawing the ire of Calipari.

However, as grueling as today’s practice might be, the Wildcats should consider themselves lucky that they didn’t practice immediately after last night’s win.

“I would have them meet me at the gym at 10 o’clock,” Calipari told the Lexington Herald-Leader, “and I would have gone three hours until one in the morning. Until people were puking.

To his credit, Kentucky forward Edrice Adebayo is ready for what comes next – even if he isn’t exactly looking forward to it.

“We’ve just got to get through it,” he told the Herald-Leader. “We’re all going to stick together. You know, we puke, we puke. We’re going to show Cal we’re not quitters.