Calipari talks about recruiting style, NBA star he missed on

Kentucky head coach John Calipari sat down with Colin Cowherd on "The Herd" in Los Angeles on Wednesday and talked about everything from his recruiting style to the NBA superstar he passed up on.

The Wildcats’ polarizing Coach Cal said he believed NBA teams need to have an established support system in place for young draft picks entering the league, especially one-and-done players. "You draft a 19-year-old, deal with it," Calipari said when asked if players are ready for the NBA after one season in college.

Calipari switched gears when asked about the players he missed on, revealing that he passed up on a future Hall of Famer and a collegiate star.

Arguably the best recruiter in the nation, Calipari provided a glimpse at what he loves the most about the recruiting process.

Calipari couldn’t come on “The Herd” and not discuss his former point guard Derrick Rose, whom Cowherd has heavily criticized. “He doesn’t have a high pain threshold,” Calipari said of the former Memphis guard.