Jay Williams hangs out with Justin Bieber, upsets lots of people

Jay Williams was a tremendous basketball player, and he’s a pretty good TV analyst. His judge of character, however, might be a little bit questionable.

Williams surprised many in the Twitter world Monday night when he tweeted a photo of himself hanging out on a plane with Justin Bieber of all people. What was even more head-scratching was Williams’ caption on the photo, in which he called Bieber "truly inspiring" and "changing lives."

The Internet was not a fan of that move. Immediately, Williams was bombarded with negative tweets from followers questioning his decision to hang out with the polarizing Bieber.

Bieber’s actually been running with a lot of athletes lately. He went to church and then bowling with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson in May, had a spa day with boxer Floyd Mayweather and recently partied with Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel.


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