FINALS WATCH: Hill back at Final Four

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) Grant Hill is back at the Final Four. He did not bring the hightop fade he wore as a freshman in 1991.

”I remember I had a bad haircut, for one, but I was fired up,” Hill said of his first trip to the Final Four as a player. ”We played a great team in UNLV, nobody expected us to win and I was nervous. But I was nervous for every Final Four. You’re not human, I think, if you’re not.”

On Friday, Hill was watching UConn practice in the Dallas Cowboys’ massive stadium. He will work as a broadcaster at the 2014 Final Four.

Hill’s Duke Blue Devils upset defending national champion UNLV in 1991. He played in three Final Fours and won a pair of national championships before heading to the NBA for 19 seasons. He has spent the past year working NBA and college games as a TV analyst.

”It’s not as hard as I thought on one hand, but it’s also very difficult,” Hill said. ”You learn the nuances, what works, how to project, how to do highlights – all these different components to it. I feel like – I hope – I’ve gotten better since the first day.”

Hill’s NBA work has been relatively easy since he was still in the league less than a year ago, but he’s had to study up on the college game.

”You have to learn the guys, watch the games and get a feel for the styles of play and the personalities, so it’s a different animal.”

–John Marshall –

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