FINALS WATCH: Beep, beep! Move over for Gators

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) Beep, beep! Move over! Out of the way!

Throw in a few expletives and that’s pretty much what was being shouted from car to car during a chaotic scene trying to get into the parking lots at AT&T Stadium for the Final Four.

Traffic was backed up onto Interstate 30, every lane turning into what amounted as a parking lot – outside the real parking lots. Not even the best efforts of traffic police could keep things moving, which could keep some from seeing the tipoff of the opener between UConn and Florida.

Of course, none of that applied to the teams.

The bus carrying Florida from its accommodations at the Hilton Anatole near downtown Dallas breezed through the traffic with the help of a police escort. When it passed a bus carrying some members of the media, that driver wisely attempted to slot in behind for an easier path.

The traffic in North Texas is notorious, but it’s hardly the worst in the country. According to INRIX, a traffic analytics company, the Dallas Metroplex is ranked No. 22 in the U.S. in terms of congestion. That’s not even worst in Texas: Austin is ranked fourth in the nation.

Indianapolis, which will host the Final Four next year, came in at No. 46.

– Dave Skretta –

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