FINALS WATCH: A tough trip to Big D for Izzo

DALLAS (AP) So, Tom Izzo, how does it feel being at the Final Four this year?

That answer, the Michigan State coach does not want printed.

But he’s a realist. Heading up the escalator Friday, en route to the head coaches’ meeting at the National Association of Basketball Coaches conference, Izzo said it stings to be in the Final Four city as a bit player.

But he knows how these things go. Michigan State lost to Connecticut in the regional semifinal and finished one stop short of the Final Four.

”I thought we had a golden opportunity, but you have to give UConn credit. They took care of business and we didn’t,” he says. ”I understand how this thing works. Sometimes you get there in years you shouldn’t have. I think this was one of those years when we should have. But we had so many injuries, and things happen.”

– Eddie Pells –

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