Report: DePaul coach’s house burglarized

DePaul University assistant coach Billy Garrett returned from the basketball team’s trip to Europe to find his house burglarized, with many precious items taken, CBS Sports reported Thursday.

Garrett returned earlier this week to his Chicago home after the Blue Demons spent 11 days in Europe, winning all four exhibition games.

"They took everything," Garrett told the Chicago Sun-Times. "They cleaned us out. Things that can’t be replaced, this really took some time."

Garrett was accompanied on the trip by his wife, Annissa, and son, Billy Jr., who suffers from a rare sickle cell disease. He said the thieves even took his son’s city championship ring and oxygen tank.

But Garrett said the most prized possessions he lost were given to him by his late father, William Garrett, who was the first African-American to play basketball in the Big Ten conference.

"My grandfather was ‘Mr. Basketball’ in Indiana in 1947. I had his high school jersey framed in my room. They can have everything, but just give us back the things that don’t mean anything to anybody but us and I’ll be happy," Garrett told the Sun-Times.

He said his father’s Indiana University jersey and Harlem Globetrotters jersey are also gone.

Garrett has been an assistant at the Chicago school since 2009. He also spent time at Siena, Seton Hall, Iowa and Texas A&M Corpus Christi since 2000.