John Calipari says ‘yolo’ and dabs to endorse DeMarcus Cousins as All-Star

A hallmark of John Calipari’s coaching is his continued involvement in his players’ post-college careers.

If one of his former players is up for NBA All-Star consideration (a rare occurrence, of course), Cal will give him a shout-out on social media and in the press.

That being said, this DeMarcus Cousins shout-out might be a first for the Kentucky basketball head coach. In short, Calipari put on a “Vote Boogie” pendant, said “Yolo” and proceeded to dab on camera.

The results of the first wave of fan voting returns showed Cousins sixth in All-Star votes among Western Conference frontcourt players with 202,317 votes.

As for Coach Cal, we are awaiting further word confirming whether or not Calipari followed this endorsement up by shouting “Oppan Boogie style!” and pouring a bucket of ice water on his head. Stay tuned.

Dan is on Twitter. He’s Harlem Shaking with anticipation.