Carrier Classic moving out of San Diego for 2012

Organizers of the Carrier Classic say they’re moving the college

basketball game out of San Diego for 2012 while hoping to return in


Mike Whalen of the Morale Entertainment Foundation says his

group is looking at other locations because an active U.S. Navy

ship isn’t going to be available on San Diego Bay in the fall.

The first Carrier Classic was played Nov. 11 on a court set up

on the flight deck of the USS Carl Vinson at North Island Naval Air

Station. With President Barack Obama watching from courtside, North

Carolina beat Michigan State 67-55.

Whalen says it’s possible the 2012 game will be played on an

aircraft carrier that has been turned into a museum.

Connecticut signed a memorandum of understanding to play in the

2012 game. Whalen says his group hopes to finalize an opponent and

venue in the next few weeks.