Bryant University player commits most inexplicable blooper of college basketball season


The Brown University Bears defeated the Bryant University Bulldogs on Monday night by a score of 91-90. Normally, this would just go down as a close college basketball victory — but not this one. This one was special.

As you will see in the video below, Bryant’s Nisre Zouzoua hits a go-ahead 3-pointer to put his team up 90-89 with ~11 seconds remaining. Brown’s Tavon Blackmon then responds by going coast-to-coast, converting a layup, and re-taking a 91-90 lead.

With only a couple seconds remaining, you'd assume Bryant would do just about everything and anything to get a shot attempt up — right?

Nope, not freshman guard Ikenna Ndugba — who thought his team was still winning so he elected to … DRIBBLE OUT THE CLOCK.

If you thought it couldn't get any more embarrassing for Ndugba, he throws the ball in the air at the buzzer and goes to celebrate with his teammates as if he had just won them the game with his dribbling expertise.

Welcome to every blooper reel on the internet, Ikenna Ndugba.