Bracketology: Oregon Ducks Making January Moves For March Payoff

Following the win over UCLA last weekend and wins over USC and Washington, ESPN Bracketology is giving the Oregon Ducks a better look this week.

Joe Lunardi has hit the reset button on the Oregon Ducks following their 11th straight win over Washington on Wednesday night. The Ducks have moved into the East Region of the Bracket as the Four seed and will play in Sacramento. The top seed in the East stands as Duke for the moment. Momentum is a funny thing and following Tyler Dorsey’s three point barrage against Washington the National Media is taking notice. Following the game, Seth Greenberg said that Oregon looked like a Final Four Contender. I agree, but there is a long way to go.

Sports Illustrated has the Oregon Ducks in the Top Ten of their Weekly Power Rankings. The team that Oregon lost to in Baylor(which is the Ducks best loss this year) moved into the top spot over Villanova. According to KenPom, with Brooks in the Starting Lineup the Ducks Offensive Efficiency is up 13 percent.

The Oregon Ducks face Washington State on Saturday afternoon at 4pm Pacific Time(Pac-12 Network) before their first meeting and Civil War Matchup next weekend with Oregon State at Matthew Knight Arena(7:30pm PT, Pac-12 Network)

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