Auburn Basketball: LSU Matchup Preview

Here we take a look at an Auburn basketball matchup against LSU on Jan. 18.

That whole Kentucky deal aside, Auburn basketball has a whole new villain to look forward to.

Playing that Wildcat squad wasn’t fair game for these Tigers, and LSU, despite having a  9-7 record, are statistically one of the best in the SEC. Their record doesn’t show it, and following a loss to a mediocre Alabama team 81-66, LSU is the wildest card of them all.

This brings life to Auburn, who looks to hit 12 wins for the first time since the 15-win 2014-15 season.

Having a player hold the position in the top 10 for each major statistic (i.e. scoring, rebounds, steals, field goal percentage) in the SEC, LSU impresses on paper. Auburn follows the opposite school of thought, not following through on paper but showing out on the court. They’ve slowly understood their positioning with consideration for other teammates, and younger players, like Mustapha Heron, are getting the routine.

It’s difficult to be a member of the SEC when it comes to basketball. Kentucky reigns over all, with Mississippi State being its only other real competitor. LSU, with its roster containing the ability to contend, has just one issue with winning.

They haven’t been able to play defense in years.

Having the No.1 recruit and No.1 pick in the NBA draft Ben Simmons made no difference in the routinely terrible LSU defense last year, without him they’re just as bad.

Auburn is able to hit the ground running on offense bearing the level of defense played against them – this is true for just about any team in any sport. However, with LSU’s inability to control pace and hold the paint, Auburn could make this ugly with plenty of time remaining in the first half.

Look for younger talent to take their shots and get to the basket, a barrage of efficient shooting is just what Bryce Brown and TJ Lang need to get the rest of the season rolling.

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This is the type of matchup – which offers the possibility of a close score or a blowout of epic proportions – that the youth and inexperience of Auburn needs at this point of the season. Highlight reels are made from these moments, the Mustapha Heron Show could starting rolling, or Austin Wiley (who deserves more playing time) could make his mark on the starting position.

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