At All Costs Documentary arrives to Netflix, multiple Arizona Wildcats featured

If you weren’t aware by now, the film titled ‘At All Costs’ finally came to Netflix, and it gives us an inside look on how the AAU Basketball circuit works. The film also features multiple Arizona Wildcats.

Ever interested in how basketball recruiting and the AAU tournaments work? Well, the documentary At All Costs that recently was released to Netflix gives viewers a better idea and understanding of it. Perhaps even more interesting for Wildcats fans is that a few Arizona players are featured in the documentary.

Produced just a few years ago, the Netflix original is now out and available to those who wish to view it. The revealing documentary explores how the high-stakes world of Amateur Athletic Union basketball has professionalized youth sports in America.

The popular and always smiling AAU team program director of the Compton Magic Etop Udo-Ema is featured in the documentary. Ema essentially started from scratch and then worked his way into making the Compton Magic one of the most marketable AAU Basketball teams in the Nation.

Udo-Ema really puts in quite the work to help get these kids featured and shows the lengths he’s gone through and is going through to help develop their games and potentially get them to the next level.

Former Wildcat Gabe York, now playing in the NBA D-League was certainly a big-time player for the Magic during his high school days. The film covers his transition from being a featured player who got a lot of exposure, to committing to and playing for Arizona.

Additionally, the documentary follows Arizona’s very own Parker Jackson-Cartwright as he navigates through AAU ball just before committing to the Wildcats. His father, Ramon Cartwright, gives his insight on expectations he has as a parent and perhaps gives you a bit of an idea the amount of pressure that is on these kids, and how the parents try and do their best to push their kids in an increasingly professionalized youth sports world.

The documentary is quite telling of the business, and as you find out, money reigns supreme. It is pretty crazy to see the investment parents, coaches and specifically the athletes put in to just get the exposure, and hopefully get to the collegiate level.

If you don’t mind a bit of strong language, we recommend watching this Documentary. It is interesting to get a better insight on how recruiting works. Plus, it is also great to see who and how some of our players(current and former) were groomed into Wildcats. Bear Down, Arizona!

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