Arkansas Men’s Basketball Falls In SEC Opener to Florida

Arkansas men’s basketball began their slate of SEC opponents with a loss against Florida.

On a day when the sky was already falling with Arkansas losing in the Belk Bowl after a 24-0 first-half lead, men’s basketball loses to Florida to start SEC play. At the end of today, I still have more confidence in the basketball team than next year’s football team.

Daryl Macon took this Arkansas team on his back and carried them as far as he could but it wasn’t far enough. Macon led the team with 22 points for the night going three of five from beyond the arc. If you didn’t think that he was an elite player before tonight, after watching what he did against a great Florida team, there should be no doubt in your mind.

Kingsley had a bit better of a night than some of his others thus far this season. His double-double 13 points and 14 rebounds kind of got my hopes up for the year going forward. He just needs to keep the momentum going.

After Macon’s 22 points, the scoring for the Hogs dropped off rapidly. Kingsley came in second with his 12 points, then Hannahs with 11 and Beard with 10. The scoring off the bench was low compared to prior games this season with only 20 points coming from the pine.

Arkansas native, KeVaughn Allen, came back to his home state and wrecked shop with his Florida Gators. His 21 points led the scoring for the Gators. His three-point game was on fire as he shot five of nine from the three. He may be playing for another team but it’s still cool to see him succeed.

Arkansas moves on to 11-2 for the season and 6th in the conference. They look to bounce back from this loss at Bud Walton when they take on an 8-5 Tennessee team in Knoxville. Woo pig!

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