Arizona Basketball’s Allonzo Trier Leads From the Bench

As we patiently wait for a potential return of Allonzo Trier to the court for his first Arizona Basketball game, fans are entertained and impressed watching his leadership and enthusiasm for his teammates from the bench.

Currently there is a tale of two suspended players in the top tier of NCAA basketball. In Tucson, Arizona Basketball continues to go on, as guard Allonzo Trier patiently sits on the bench for mysterious reasons; he also is suspended indefinitely. At Duke there was the “indefinite” one game suspension of Grayson Allen for tripping an opponent for the third time in two seasons.

Trier, though, is truly suspended indefinitely, no quotation marks are needed since he hasn’t played in a game this season. Besides the difference in punishment, there is a definite difference in the maturity levels of these two players.

When Allen was hit with the technical, his emotions got the best of him as his teammates needed to calm him down. Instead of focusing on himself, he should have issued an apology on the spot to Elon’s player. As Allen continues his bad behavior on the court seemingly lightly punished, Trier remains on the bench.

For the Wildcats, the cameras love getting a shot of Allonzo Trier as the team goes on a run, or grabs a timely turnover. Whatever is going on behind the scenes with Trier, seems to be a team-building experience.

So how does the following tweet hold any weight?

How can anyone claim THIS year’s Arizona Basketball team is better without Trier? He hasn’t played with this group of guys, which mesh differently and at this point, be has practiced with them helping them be better than last year’s group.

As good as Arizona has been this season short-handed, they should only be better with a full roster, especially one that includes another offensive weapon as talented as Trier.

We hope to see Allonzo Trier and his team spirit on the court this season and soon. While waiting, he is not dead weight and is not taking attention away from the rest of the Wildcat basketball players. When Arizona fans see Trier’s name trending on Twitter, it will be for all the right reasons. Beardown Zo!

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