An open letter to those hating on the Louisville basketball program

In light of the recent allegations of the NCAA, we write an open letter to the haters of the Louisville basketball program.

Yes, we all hear you and notice your social media buzz. Everyone notices how much to dislike head coach Rick Pitino and the Louisville basketball program. We notice you. Does that make you feel a little bit better?

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With that being said, I am sorry if the NCAA’s allegations that were released today didn’t satisfy your hunger to see the Louisville basketball program fall into ruin. Whether it’s the rivalry or the simple fact that some people can only be happy if someone else loses, I guess it’s really up to the person.

This isn’t a letter to justify what happened in Billy Minardi Hall. There were some crazy things that went on during those parties that the program has been punished for, but don’t think for one second that every Louisville fan is okay with what happened.

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Also, don’t even think for another second that one coach’s poor judgement (Andre McGee) reflects every high character individual that is apart of the University of Louisville. To say things like Louisville is “Scandal-U” is just plain ridiculous.

There are so many Louisville fans and families that are disappointed with what happened. If you find joy in rejoicing over these people’s misfortune, they you probably need to be more focused on your own school’s activities, enough said.

Louisville fans are very lucky to have an institution that has supposedly cooperated with the NCAA to it’s fullest extent.

Don’t let the haters bring you down today Cardinals fans. There are great things happening within Louisville’s Athletic department. They will bounce back from this utter letdown.

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