Aaron Rodgers defends Wisconsin fandom, denying interviews

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers joined Sam Dekker and the Wisconsin Badgers on the court after their 85-78 win over the Arizona Wildcats on Saturday.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

No, Aaron Rodgers did not attend Wisconsin. Yes, he did star at QB for Cal, Pac-12 brethren of Wisconsin’s Elite 8 opponent Arizona.

But he has lived and worked in Green Bay for the past decade and just spent the past few days in L.A. with girlfriend Olivia Munn rooting for those Badgers and joining them on the floor to celebrate their berth in the Final Four.

The Badgers players clearly don’t mind having a high-profile backer in the stands, regardless of his school affiliation.

Not everybody is OK with it, however.

Fellow NFL player Lance Briggs, for one, called out the Green Bay Packers star for not staying true to his school.

But it was CBS Sports columnist Dennis Dodd who really had a problem with Rodgers. Not so much for his presence, but for his unwillingness to be interviewed.

Rodgers was having none of it and vented on Twitter.

What do you say … fair or foul for Rodgers?