A match made at Iowa State: Football coach’s son asks hoops coach’s daughter to prom

Let's dance: Iowa State football coach Rhoads' son asked Iowa State basketball coach Hoiberg's daughter to prom. 

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It’s a match made in sports (and social media) heaven. 

Iowa State football coach Paul Rhoads’ son Wyatt wanted to ask Paige Hoiberg to his high school prom. 

Only, Paige is in New York with her family, cheering on dad Fred Hoiberg’s Iowa State basketball team as they prepare to play UConn in the Sweet 16 on Friday.

So Wyatt, a high school junior, did what any social-media savvy teen would do. He crafted a prom proposal, set it to the Plain White T’s song "Hey There Delilah," and posted it on YouTube:  

He then sent the link to Paige on Twitter (where she accepted!): 

Wyatt took care to explain to the Des Moines Register that he and Paige are "just close friends."

But Hoiberg couldn’t resist playing the part of the protective dad. The basketball coach known as "The Mayor" said he hadn’t had a chance to talk to Rhoads about the the proposal.

"Not yet — but I will, though, believe me," Hoiberg jokingly told the Register at Madison Square Garden on Thursday. "Tell that kid to keep his hands off."

The coach also playfully threw shade at Wyatt’s, um, unique singing ability while shedding light on his own well-documented moves (remixed here for your amusement): 

"I’m a better dancer than Wyatt Rhoads is a singer … that’s a fact," Hoiberg quipped. 

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