Sidney’s eligibility still in doubt

The odds of Mississippi State’s talented freshman Renardo

Sidney playing this season continue to dwindle.

Sidney’s lawyer, Don Jackson, told on

Wednesday that the NCAA Eligibility Center has requested an

additional interview with Sidney’s family next week.

The NCAA has already met with several people close to Sidney

as well as a bank official in Los Angeles.

“After several days of interviews in Los Angeles and

Mississippi, the NCAA has still not established the existence of

any violations in the Renardo Sidney matter,” Jackson said.

The highly touted 6-foot-10 Sidney has been unable to play

this season due to an ongoing investigation by the NCAA into his

amateurism status.

Sidney and his family hail from Mississippi but moved to Los

Angeles prior to Sidney’s sophomore year of high school. The

Los Angeles Times reported that the family rented a home

valued at $1.2 million.

Jackson told that he has given the NCAA the

documentation — including bank deposits — it

has requested. However, he has not turned over detailed bank


“This case represents a distortion of the initial eligibility

process,” Jackson said. “In effect, the Eligibility

Center’s refusal to act mounts to a suspension without

finding a single violation of any type.”

Mississippi State is 7-2 this season without Sidney in the