Hurricanes coach Rod Brind’Amour reveals legendary workout routine

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Go inside the gym with NHL legend Rod Brind'Amour

[MUSIC PLAYING] INTERVIEWER: For people who don't know, you've kind of become a legend in sports circles for how you work out. So let's start player off season for Rod Brind'Amour, what did that usually consist of?

ROD BRIND'AMOUR: When I was playing, well, hard work. I mean, I think the big change for me was I didn't take time off.

So the season would end, and I'd see a lot of guys take a month off or, you know, a long time off. And then you spend a month just getting back to where you were.

So for me, I always felt like yeah, you finish the season at peak condition. I'll take a couple days, but I don't want to de-train. I want to, you know, get back at it, try to get better in the next three months.


I probably put in hour and a half a day for the minimum. Spend a lot of time watching, catching up on NHL stuff, watching NHL networks and just kind of making sure you know what's going on in the league.

You know I get that question a lot, you know, what do you-- what's the secret? The secret is consistency. The secret is you got to do it every day, even when you don't want to. And that's kind of how I live my life, I think.

INTERVIEWER: There's a story that Erik Cole says, that when your first workout partner in Raleigh got dealt, you walked into the locker room the next day and pointed at Erik Cole and went, you, you're with me. And he said he'd never been so terrified in his life.

But I mean, how important was that, like, to set the tone and have guys, especially off the ice, working out, like what you said? This is how we're going to be. This is how we're going to be a good pro.

- Well, Erik first all, as you know, is a funny guy. Just ask him.

But he's making a little bit of a story there. I didn't have to say that Erik. Because Erik-- we talked about that group we had. He was one of the guys that worked extremely hard, and you didn't have to tell him to do it.

And so he was definitely not one of those guys I had to nudge along. He was a hungry, hungry player, and obviously, had a great career because of it.

You know, I've got to watch my weight. I mean, I'm not skating anymore, so I got to make sure I get a sweat every day. It's one thing to talk the talk, but still, if you can walk the walk a little bit, it definitely helps with your message and what you're, you know, trying to accomplish.

- I've seen you do the-- for people who don't know, for weightlifting, you do the flies with dumbbells and actually drop and catch them.


- I'm just--

- Bret Hedican, OK, so Bret Hedican used to-- I won't tell the other thing he used to do with it, but he used to have a contraption around his head that he had on, and it was firing electrodes through his brain. And he was doing this, and he would do that.

And so I stopped at that. You know, I don't wrap the stuff around my head. But it just added something different, so.

But Bret Hedican, he was the king of like, different workouts that are coming in now that you see. He did those 10, 15 years ago. So he was way ahead of the curve.