NBA legend Tony Parker still adjusting to life in Hornets uniform

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Tony Parker enters first camp with Charlotte Hornets.

- Day one of training camp. I'm here with the one and only Tony Parker. Tony, how does it feel to be wearing this Hornets jersey? And just talk about day one.

- It's very weird. Got to get used to my new colors, my new teammates.

But it's been great. You know, the city is very nice, and all my teammates been very nice. So it's been great.

The first day was pretty easy. I know the coach very well, because I've been with him for like 10 years. So I know all the drills, so that makes it easy for the transition.

INTERVIEWER: Have all the guys just been bombarding you with questions? I mean is the team chemistry-- do you already kind of feel it?

- I think it's going to take time. Obviously a lot of questions. We want to try to establish a new culture here, and so they have a lot of, you know, different stuff that we want to try to accomplish, you know, with Coach JB.

And so we have a , great young group. They want to learn. They're working hard. They have the right mentality, so that's a good start.

- Now this is your 19th training--

- 18.

- 18th training camp. So what are some goals you have for number 18?

- Just stay healthy, you know, stay no injuries, and you know, try to help the young guys. JB told me I will start slow anyway and take it easy, especially the first week. 18 training camps is a lot, so just trying to hang in there.

- Yeah. Now I know leaving San Antonio was obviously a really tough decision. Have you been getting a lot of support, you know, from Texas, but also here as well?

- Yeah, both, both. Obviously, from Texas, but here, you know, the welcoming has been amazing. And so at the same time, I was very sad of leaving San Antonio, but I'm very excited, you know, to turn the page and excited about the new challenge.

- What is the relationship like between you and Coach JB? I mean, you guys obviously go way back. Is it easier with this transition because you knew him so well?

- Yeah, for sure. It was big in my decision to leave San Antonio, knowing that I'm going to be with JB, and I know what he wants. I know his mentality.

And it's a big job for him, you know. It's his first head coaching job. So I'm excited for him and try to help him out.

- Besides Coach, what other reasons for your decision to leave San Antonio?

- Nic Batum too. He's like my little brother, so I've known him for a long time now since '09. We won a lot of stuff with the national team.

And then obviously, Michael Jordan. Every time he calls you, that's pretty big, you know. So it was a great honor.

And I feel like it's full circle, because I was-- you know, growing up in France, I was watching him, you know, every game. And now playing for his team is great.

- Being here at UNC, do you feel like, the history of it all, and I mean, with Michael Jordan?

- Yeah, it's my first time, so it's pretty good. I didn't know they have a big arena like that for college. That's amazing.

I'm trying to get one-- an arena for France. They have ones for college, so that's pretty good.

So you can feel, you know, the tradition here, the history. And so growing up watching basketball, it's nice to visit the campus.

- And last question here, what are you most looking forward to for this training camp, leading up to your first preseason game with the Hornets?

- Just try to be more disciplined. You know, they didn't make the playoff the last two, three years. So I told them already to not mess with my steak, you know. 17 years in a row, so try to make it 18.

We can feel the excitement in the city of Charlotte. They want to see a winning team, so now we have to go to work and try to make it happen.

- Awesome. Well, good luck this week, and we'll look out for you. Thank you so much.