Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon gives behind-the-scenes look at franchise’s progress

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Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon shows off changes in Raleigh.

- All right, tell them to paint that red, that same red, and then to go ahead and paint one column for us.

I want you guys to push us and make us say no. But yeah, if someone's going to come by a suite and they want to bring their kids to the locker room and play ping pong, they can.

- First question of three quick questions would be, biggest surprise, pleasant or maybe not so, since becoming an owner of a pro franchise.

- Probably you know, the losing. If I'm here or watching, it's awful.

- And this is changing. I'm putting a different saying on here. And this--

- Do it Rod's way.

- No.

- What would Rod do? We got to get bracelets, WWRD.

- Rod's way.

- The second question, would you rather qualify for the US Open or have the US Open be played on your course?

- Have to be played on the course.

- And so is there a hole where you'd like to see the pro golfers-- side question. I'm sneaking one more in, Tom. Hole you want to see the golfers, the pro golfers take aim out on that course?

- Well, you know, they played there this year. It's not supposed to be-- you know, they're supposed to win, the player.

What are you talking about? What do you think I do? This is what I do. It's all I think about.

Whatever you guys need to get people here and excited, do it. If you don't lose, I won't have-- we don't ever have--

- What is the thing that makes you, outside of winning, happiest being around a sports franchise?

- I don't think there's anything else. Everything but winning makes me miserable.

- Those are three quick questions with Canes majority owner, Tom Dundon. And they're all pretty honest, and I snuck in an overtime one too. Thanks, Tom.

- All right, buddy. Thanks.