Report: Jordan not making hoops decisions

Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan is stepping away from the decision-making table for the team, according to a published report.

Jordan has grown frustrated and upset with the Bobcats’ performance under his watch, ESPN The Magazine reported. The team’s struggles culminated in the league’s worst winning percentage ever last season, .106.

“He’s promised his front office staff that he’ll let them do their jobs without

his shadow looming over their (draft) war-room marker boards,” the magazine wrote.

Jordan will allow general manager Rich Cho to handle the day-to-day responsibilities without Jordan’s large personality hovering over every decision. Instead, Cho will be permitted to utilize his system of metrics and analytics, which are used at Oklahoma City and Dallas, among other top franchises.

When Jordan first acquired the team in 2010, he hoped his star-power would attract free agents to Charlotte. Now, as Cho explained to ESPN: “That’s much tougher to do than it used to be. It’s a system where a team that has a player isn’t going to lose that player easily. That limits the shopping list. A young guy isn’t going anywhere because a team is willing to spend on potential. So we have to find potential.”

It is an interesting decision coming from Jordan, but ultimately one that aligns with his inner workings. What Jordan has done thus far for the Bobcats hasn’t worked. 

Now, he appears willing to cede control in order to achieve what he’s best known for: winning.