Haywood, Randolph reach out to community

In the middle of a grueling, 82-game NBA campaign, Zach Randolph and Brendan Haywood are still providing energy.


parallel acts that should not be overshadowed, both big men recently

decided to step out into their respective communities to help single

mothers and families struggling to make ends meet, notably offering

donations to provide electricity and utility services.

For his

part, Haywood, a member of the Charlotte Bobcats and native of

Greensboro, N.C., surprised a recent gathering of over a dozen local

mothers at a Salvation Army by announcing he would be paying a year’s

worth of their electricity bills—sending the room into a frenzy,

according to the Charlotte Observer. Haywood grew up in a single parent

home before attending the University of North Carolina and being drafted

in the first round of the 2001 NBA Draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Despite his hefty $9 million salary this season, it’s an admirable act by Haywood—and a completely voluntary one at that.


a two-time All-Star with the Memphis Grizzlies, dished out his own

$20,000 donation to the community as well, reaching out to struggling

families that had had their power shut off. This has become somewhat of

an annual trend for Randolph, who has ingratiated himself to the Memphis

community through his community outreach. He has stated on multiple

occasions that he wants to spend the rest of his career with the

Grizzlies, and with moves like this it’s not hard to imagine why.


from single parent home, mom was on welfare, struggled myself so I know

what it’s like,” Randolph was quoted as saying by FOX Memphis. “Been

fortunate, blessed. Just like to give back because I think this

something the Lord has served me to do, give back, brings me blessings

in other ways. I’m here to tell you you’re a blessing to me.”

Through his gift, Randolph is expected to help around 100 homes and families regain their utility services.