Guess who? Can you figure out the identity of this ACC star?

FOX Sports South ACC sideline reporter Jenn Hildreth gives you


inside look at some of the conference’s biggest names. Can you figure

out who this week’s mystery player is?


scouting report on me? I’m big and slow — well, at least one of those

things is true.

I’ve worked hard on my speed over the

last few years, because I’m the leader of a group of running backs that

puts it on ourselves to be physical … while playing


For me, the physical part came naturally, but

the fast part meant eating better and working on my conditioning in the


Why? Because the hay is never in the barn.

I like that saying so much, I had it printed on a T-shirt, and I wear

it before and after every game. My work is never done. I will never be

satisfied. That’s why I worked to get faster, and it’s why, when

defenses are wearing down at the end of games, I’m busting through for


During games, I wear another T-shirt

underneath my jersey. It has an S (on it), which could stand for my

school … or my last name … or Superman. Maybe it’s all


But as much as I may try to be a Superman for

my football team, I think more about being a superhero for people like

Jacob Zonick, and my little sister, Janae. Janae is in fifth


She watches all of my games, and we’re

constantly sending texts or FaceTiming with one another. She is a bright

spot in my life, and I communicate with her every way I can, because

she was born deaf.

I met Jacob in 2010, at the

Blue-Gold All-Star Game in my home state of Delaware. Jacob has cerebral

palsy and he and I were matched up through the Hand-in-Hand program,

which pairs football players with children who have intellectual


Jacob and I have stayed in touch, and

he got to come see me play on my home field for the first time a couple

of weeks ago; I spoke to him before the game, and gave him a