Fashion sense and nonsense: A look at NBA players’ threads

With Russell Westbrook out of the NBA Playoffs, the league — and all of us watching at home, really — are deprived of his … unique fashion choices.

Westbrook’s signature look is his lensless red glasses (or just any rimless glasses), and he generally wears some sort of elaborate short-sleeved shirt to go with it.

But that’s an oversimplifcation, of course. Westbrook is nothing if not unpredictable. On All-Star weekend, he gave us….well, he gave us this. Suspenders. Bow tie. Just … this outfit transports us to another place and time. Not sure where and when that is, but hey.

And really, his fashion fits his personality on the court — unpredictable, but fun, and sometimes? A little crazy. When it works, it’s almost perfect. But at times, it makes you scratch your head. You take the good with the bad. Sometimes, it’s like Westbrook is from the future.

Westbrook might just have a unique sense of style. Which is fine. But sometimes, players wear outfits that make fans genuinely wonder if they’re serious, or if it’s some elaborate joke. Perhaps it’s even a slap in the face of commissioner David Stern, who implemented the “fashion code.”

Either way, this shirt Houston’s Chandler Parsons was wearing after a game cannot be serious.

Parsons’ team is no longer alive in the playoffs. But there are plenty of, um, fashion icons whose teams are still playing, and we now have their pregame or postgame fashion choices to look forward to.

Kevin Durant

Sure, he makes some bad choices. But when he wants to, he can put together a smooth look as well as anyone. He’s known for his signature backpack, but this floral shirt he wore with it … well, it’s at least somewhat Westbrook-inspired. Has to be.

Dwyane Wade

He’s really a mixed bag. Sometimes, his look is almost flawless. Sometimes, it’s just strange. To be fair to Wade, this look is very Miami. But it’s still….yeah, the shirt underneath is….something.

On Sunday, Wade busted out Capri pants. Like, with a suit.

But this jacket? It might win the playoffs. If “winning the playoffs” means “wearing the most ridiculous thing ever.”

LeBron James

Just like with Wade, more often than not, James’ style is a hit. He didn’t make the cover of ‘GQ’ for no reason. He’ll generally add some lensless nerd glasses, but it’s not the worst look on him. But every now and then….he wears something….strange. Like this.

Where to start? It’s not awful, but it’s a sweater with tropical patterns on it. So many questions, like why tropical? On a sweater? And why does it look like a chair covering at a beach house?

Iman Shumpert

The Knicks backup point guard is a different guy. He rocks a flat top. But he can still rock a more traditional look. And when he wears stuff like this, you’re reasonably sure he’s serious. He showed up to a game last week with a bow tie wider than his head.
But what he’s been noticed for the most in these playoffs is his postgame shoe selection last Tuesday. These look like what would happen if Rainbow Brite and My Little Pony collaborated on a shoe design.

Honorable mentions, of course, abound. James Harden is out of the playoffs, but Westbrook’s sense of style must have rubbed off on him while they were together in OKC, because of this. Oh, and this. I call that “Lion Tamer”.

Let’s give Tyson Chandler some props for wearing this completely normal outfit OH WAIT THERE’S A FEATHER PINNED TO HIS LAPEL FOR SOME REASON

This is from January. But Dwight Howard, stop it. You’re not helping yourself with outfits like that.

Carmelo Anthony goes with the “I just returned home from World War II” look.

And the future of the weird outfits is probably Enes Kanter. He did this. And this. And this … well, this is probably how most of us would dress if we were rich enough to wear whatever we wanted.