ACC Coming Attractions: Between two hedges, Jameis goes to Jerryworld; more

Georgia-Clemson was one of the best games of the year last season. But without a lot of the original cast, will the sequel be as exciting? 

Everyone knows the SEC is king in college football. On a night when Wake Forest put on one of the worst offensive performances in decades at Louisiana-Monroe, Vanderbilt went out there right after and tried to one-up the Deacs with a seven-turnover performance of their own in a blowout home loss to Temple. Can’t the ACC just have ONE NIGHT, SEC?

But seriously, if you’re not ready for a riveting weekend of ACC football after watching Wake Forest fail to score an offensive touchdown, gain just five first downs and 94 yards of total offense while quarterback John Wolford was sacked seven times, then I just can’t help you.

Even if you’re as ready as you’ll ever be, everyone needs a teaser or two. So why not sit through 30 minutes — or about five or so, depending on how fast you read, in this case — of ACC Coming Attractions?

When Tigers and Dawgs get together, usually…well, frankly the tiger would probably eat the dog. But in this case, it’s just going to be a fun game, if last year’s matchup was any indication. It was the first time the two schools had met since 2003 (when Georgia beat Clemson 30-0 in Death Valley), and last year, Clemson took a close one at home, 38-35. It was really one of Georgia’s only games where it got to showcase what it might have looked like had the injury bug not infested its locker room. Can Clemson make it five in a row against SEC teams not named South Carolina, even without Tajh Boyd and Sammy Watkins? Will Clemson’s much-improved defense be able to neutralize Georgia’s high-powered attack? You won’t find any spoilers here.

Get Your Popcorn: There are cuter things that happen when dogs and cats hang out. Like Milo and Otis.

Florida State could go wire-to-wire as the No. 1 team in the country this year. The Seminoles are as good or better than they were a year ago, particularly on offense, and oh yes, Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston is back. So there’s that. Mike Gundy’s Oklahoma State team, meanwhile, is one of the youngest in the nation. But with his usually high-powered offense, he’s sure to at least give FSU’s stout defense an early test, right? Right? Either way, it’ll be entertaining as FSU begins its title defense at Cowboys Stadium on Saturday night.

Get Your Popcorn: Cowboys? Indians? Sure, there are plenty of movies about this. But Blazing Saddles is the funniest.

Miami feeling disrespected? Bobby Petrino back at Louisville? No, it’s not the early 2000’s, it’s actually still 2014. But this is what’s happening as ACC newcomer Louisville opens up its new-conference slate against the Canes at home. Miami linebacker Denzel Perryman said it best, perhaps: "I’m 0-1 against those guys. I ain’t going 0-2." I’m sure Louisville, with new quarterback Will Gardner, will have something to say about that. Either way, it’s bound to be a bit chippy. And as long as nothing escalates too far, that’s always entertaining. So be sure to tune in Monday night.

Get Your Popcorn: Kaaya’s mom played the role of Felicia in the movie "Friday". Seriously. Get your "Bye, Felicia" memes ready. 

So there is actually another marquee matchup this weekend. In a sense. It is a Power 5 game as Virginia hosts UCLA, but it doesn’t feel like an even matchup. Virginia went winless in the ACC last season, and not many of their losses were even particularly close. UCLA turned the corner as a program and went 10-3 last season, entering this season ranked No. 7 in the country. So, these two teams appear to be going in opposite directions. But Virginia does have talent on its roster, and is playing at home. So it has that going for it. UCLA just has…more. And if last year’s 59-10 shellacking at the hands of Oregon was any indication, Virginia is in for — as Mr. T’s Clubber Lang put it — "pain".

Get Your Popcorn: Rocky III. Easy.

Will Marquise Williams start at quarterback? Or will it be Mitch Trubisky? The experienced veteran (relatively speaking) who saved last year’s season, or the young gun who was almost certainly told this would be his team by now? Larry Fedora has quite the decision to make. And he’s likely already made it. But rather than share it with the media, he’s decided to keep it to himself. Because, as he put it, "it just gives me pleasure". Well, unless he alternates them every series, it won’t be a secret for long. But there’s no question Fedora will find another secret to keep from the media to get his jollies.

Get Your Popcorn: Since Fedora enjoys the displeasure of the media so much … it’s 50 Shades of Grey. Well, that’s probably not appropriate. But since it involves making difficult decisions, drama, and hate-watching … it’s Twilight!