WATCH: Young fan gives foul ball to another young fan, good feelings ensue

Major League Baseball: Where adorable happens. 

Just when the unraveling tale about USC cornerback Josh Shaw’s heroic balcony-jumping rescue of his drowning nephew dented your willingness to believe in good things, there’s this.

Behold, below, a video showing young Red Sox and Blue Jays fans furiously searching for an Edwin Encarnacion foul ball that landed in the stands alongside right field.

The Jays fan, I’ll guess about nine or 10 years old, looked to have a better line on the souvenir when the Red Sox youngster scooped it up. In disbelief, the Jays kid grabbed the arm of the larger boy in the Sox gear, prompting the latter to give an elbow shake to free his arm.

That’s when it happened! A blessed moment of kindness between two young baseball fans. And they both got what they wanted: the Jays fan got to celebrate the score with his father, and the Sox fan pumped his arms proudly showing that he had actually secured the ball (and successfully warded off the other kid) but decided to make the other kid’s day. 

LET THAT BE A LESSON TO YOU, LADY. People don’t forget.