You shouldn’t have: Belgium gifts US a giant, basketball-holding, Obama-shaped cookie

Belgium wanted to give something distinctly Belgian to President Barack Obama to commemorate the US leader’s visit to the European country this week. 

So the country figured a giant speculoos cookie of the president in a USA sweatshirt holding a basketball would do the trick. 

The 5-foot-4-inch (1.65 meter) cookie’s wooden mold was designed by 64-year-old Willy Van Oers. "The hardest part will be the face," Van Oers was reported as saying by international media company "I will have to work on it centimetre per centimetre to work out all the details."

"As the president is a basketball aficionado, it was chosen to represent him in a basketball outfit," reported. 

The figure was then baked in speculoos — a spiced cookie native to Belgium — by Ronny Demedts. 

Here is the result: