Xavier unveils the nation’s first pizza ATM on campus

Boston Globe/Boston Globe via Getty Images

Through the years, technology has evolved at almost unthinkable rates. From the internet, to smart phones and social media across all platforms, the world we live in now in 2016, seems completely different than it was even just 10 years ago.

But on Friday, we learned of a technology at Xavier University that is so great, it’s almost inconceivable. What am I talking about? How about a pizza ATM.

Yes, you read that correctly: An ATM… that serves pizza… 24-hours a day, 365 days a year!!!!!

I know, it sounds too good to be true, but I promise it isn’t. Xavier assistant vice president Jude Kiah explained that the school was looking for a cost-effective way to solve late night hunger issues for students. The pizza ATM — which Kiah claims is the first of its kind — does that, while saving on costs associated with operating a storefront and labor.

Since you don’t care about that, and just want the juicy, savory, delicious details, here they are, via the Cincinnati Enquirer:

Xavier's dining service makes hundreds of artisan pizzas every day and 70 of them will go into this machine at a time.

Customers simply walk up to the machine and select which type of pizza they want. They'll have a few options to choose from including pepperoni, cheese and veggie, but those will vary based on what's popular.

The machine takes the pizza they select from a refrigerated compartment and lifts it into a convection oven.

After about three minutes, the pizza is done cooking and the machine drops it into a box that is then delivered through a slot and into the hands of the hungry student.

While it’s early, the pizza ATM is already a hit, and already drawing plenty of attention from across the internet. It was discussed on ‘The Today Show’ Friday morning, and now of course here on FoxSports.com now.

According to the Enqurier each pizza will cost $9 for students and they’ve already been getting rave reviews. Although the first true test of the pizza ATM’s long-term viability will come when students return back to school in a couple weeks.

Oh, and if you’re looking for a pizza ATM for your home or office, according to Xavier, they retail for the low, low price of just $55,000. What a deal!