Triple H talks about breaking character to console crying kid at ‘Raw’

Triple H went from heel to hero pretty quickly on Monday night.

Angela Weiss/Getty Images

WWE superstar Triple H played his role a little too well for one youngster during this week’s taping of "Monday Night Raw." 

While the 6-foot-4, 255-pound WWE champ was arguing with the good guys from outside the ring, Triple H was getting heckled by 8-year-old Lucian Deering from the front row.

Triple H then turned to Deering and, in character, told him to "Stop messing with me — I’m trying to do my job over here."

Which caused the 8-year-old to break down in tears. Once that happened, Triple H went over to console Deering and did something hardly ever seen in a pro wrestling event.

"I immediately broke out of character and went over to him and put my head to his and I messed his hair up and I just said, ‘Hey buddy, it’s OK, we’re just playing around,’" the man also known as Paul Levesque told ABC News.

Following the event, Triple H also invited Deering backstage.

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