Fans rush the ring, get in on action at ‘WWE SmackDown’ taping

The fans who foolishly entered the ring were fortunate John Cena (here, pictured with the Rock) was one of the WWE Superstars there and not others.

Ron Elkman/Sports Imagery/Getty Images

A couple of fans took their lives in their own hands Tuesday, entering the ring before the main event at a "WWE SmackDown" taping.

The main event was supposed to be a tag-team feature, pitting Daniel Bryan and John Cena against Cesaro and Tyson Kidd.

That was, until the fans inserted themselves into the action. Check them out as one gives the Rock Bottom to the other.

According to SB Nation, the men were part of a group that pulls pranks and uploads the videos to YouTube. They both are fortunate to have escaped unscathed. Plenty of WWE performers would have taken matters into their own hands.