Browns TE Gary Barnidge on his love of wrestling, WrestleMania predictions

Vince McMahon's company entertains people from all walks of life.

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When you hear WWE wrestling what do you think?

To a lot of people, they think something that is scripted, fake and redneck-ish. In a way, that is correct, but in so many ways, completely incorrect.

The same thing could be said about most reality shows or soap operas, but people still tune in and watch, and networks keep creating more and more every year. So why are those shows considered any different then wrestling? I would like to think of wrestling as an entire family soap opera.

Since I was a little kid, I went to wrestling matches during the WCW and WWF days with my dad and brother, and I knew going in the stories were just that — stories. But they found a way to keep you engaged and on the edge of your seat wondering what was going to happen next in ways movies aren’t able to do.

When I say movies aren’t able to do that I mean, go and actually interact with what is going on, whether it be cheering for your favorite wrestler (Shawn Michaels, aka, HBK) or booing your least-favorite wrestler or even getting to interact with the wrestlers after the matches.

Of course over the years wrestling has had its ups and downs. In my opinion the WWE’s Attitude Era was the best wrestling period ever. As for today’s wrestling, it’s more family friendly, which is why many people think it’s boring or predictable, which at times can be, but I like the current approach because it allows you to go as a family and do things together.

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If you have never been to a wrestling match and just think it’s all fake and never have watched it, then you are really missing out. When you go to a wrestling event, you realize very quickly that these guys and girls put their body on the line every time they wrestle. They get bumps, bruises, tears, dislocations, breaks and many other injuries, which would not be possible if it wasn’t real. Yes, things are planned and they know certain aspects of what’s going to happen, but the worst thing to hear is, "it’s fake they don’t even hit them." Sometimes they don’t, but that doesn’t make it fake. If you go to a show, you find out quickly what’s real and what’s not.

Which brings us to WrestleMania, "the Super Bowl" of wrestling. Just like the Super Bowl, World Cup, World Series, NBA Finals, if you ever get a chance to experience a WrestleMania you wont regret it. Even if you aren’t into wrestling, if you go to a WrestleMania, it will be an experience you will never forget. Your adrenaline will be pumping, you may catch yourself cheering and booing or even joining in or starting a chant. The environment just engulfs you into a different world for three to four hours. It’s an environment you haven’t experienced before.

That experience is something DeAngelo Williams (former Carolina Panther, current Pittsburgh Steeler) and myself experience on a yearly basis. We are going to our sixth WrestleMania together, and last year (and probably every year to come) we started something different to give other fans the opportunity to enjoy WrestleMania like we do. We organize a scavenger hunt around February in which two lucky winners get to join us at WrestleMania. We cover their ticket, airfare, and hotel and try to give them an experience they won’t forget.

All in all, wrestling is something that is misunderstood by some, thrown to the side by others, and loved by millions and millions of fans around the world. If something can happen during a wrestling match and leave your mouth wide open with amazement or confusion (Undertaker losing at WrestleMania 30), then they are doing something right by keeping you guessing and engaged. That experience is hard to get in any other sporting event.

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As for WrestleMania 31 this Sunday, here are predictions and analysis for each match from DeAngelo and myself.

Williams: New Day wins because they need to be made into a relevant tag team and the best way to do that is give them the titles.

Barnidge: I want to say the Usos, but I am think they stay with Cesaro and Kidd just because they are building the Kidd Natalya story up.

Williams: Paige and AJ. They are dysfunctional and unorthodox and the Bella’s have the title, so they don’t need to win.

Barnidge: I am going to agree with DeAngelo I think AJ and Paige because they have the most to gain from winning.

We’re both think that Mizdow will win the match because he has won the crowd over and it will just help the feud of Miz vs. Mizdow.

Williams: Randy Orton wins by DQ or Seth Rollins wins by interference.

Barnidge: I am going with Randy Orton to win because he is back to being the Viper.

Williams: Cena wins because the belt has to come back to the United States.

Barnidge: Cena wins because it is a way to make the U.S. championship relevant again,

Williams: Undertaker is the pick because he can’t lose two years in a row and he is my favorite wrestler.

Barnidge: Undertaker wins because it’s the Undertaker and he’s just not gonna lose. More to come later on why.

DeAngelo: Daniel Bryan because its his time and he lost to Ziggler on "Raw" last week.

Barnidge: It’s a toss up Ziggler or Bryan, but if have to pick, I say Bryan, but I want Ziggler to win.

Williams: Sting, because an Icon can’t lose to the Authority

Barnidge: Sting wins and it sets up a final showdown at WrestleMania 32 – Icon (Sting) vs. Phenom (Undertaker) in the final match for both men.

Williams: I want Reigns to win to bring the title back to Raw, but I will say Lesnar unless I see what his new contact entails.

Barnidge: Lesnar wins because the fans haven’t bought into Reigns and Lesnar just decided to stay with the WWE.