World’s luckiest dog narrowly avoids being hit by rally car

A poor dog had a terrifying near-death experience after wandering out onto a rally race course in Bolivia over the weekend. The pup unknowingly ventured right into the middle of the dirt track at the Codasur 2016 rally on Sunday, then came shockingly close to getting hit by a speeding rally car.

Fortunately, it turns out this particular dog has incredible luck.

As the car took the turn around a corner at high-speed, it hit a bump in the dirt road that sent the vehicle airborne. Luckily for the pup, it just so happened to find itself in the perfect spot for the car to sail over its head, narrowly avoiding a collision by mere inches.

Here’s a GIF of the near incident:

As you’d imagine, the close call was followed by a huge sigh of relief from the crowd in attendance. Presumably nobody there intended on going to the rally to witness a dog get absolutely crushed by a speeding car, so thankfully that outcome was avoided.

Let’s just hope that pup learns its lesson and is a little bit more careful when carrying out its Sunday stroll from now on. On the bright side, though, it now has some absolutely incredible photos to share with its doggie friends at their next social gathering.