Winner winner: Joey Chestnut proposes before chowing down to 8th hot dog title

The hot dog approves! Chestnut pops the question to fellow competitive eater Ricasa. 

John Minchillo/AP

This Fourth of July will go down as an extra special one for competitive eating star Joey Chestnut.

Not only did the man known as "Jaws" stuff his face to his eighth consecutive mustard belt title at Nathan’s Famous hot dog eating contest, but the San Jose, California-based competitive eating champ also proposed to his longtime girlfriend (and fellow competitive eater) Neslie Ricasa prior to the competition.

Frankly, it’s a good thing he put a ring on it before the contest began: It ensures she’s linked to him, win or lose. Plus, it saves her from having to kiss that mouth after it’s been stuffed with 61 hot dogs.

Here’s video of the Coney Island proposal:

Her answer, of course, was a resounding "yes." With relish.