Bob Odenkirk gives the ‘Drunk History’ version of the Disco Demolition disaster

Fred Jewell/AP

Bill Veeck had plenty of zany promotional ideas, but none were as disastrous as Disco Demolition Night. 

One night in 1979, Veeck decided to let a local DJ blow up some disco records in centerfield at Comiskey Park between games of a doubleheader. What happened next was, well, actually, I’ll just let an inebriated Bob Odenkirk take it away from here. 

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If you’re surprised that Odenkirk, despite being liquored up, nailed the details of the story (right down to the 98-cent ticket price), don’t be. He’s friends with Steve Dahl, the DJ involved in the infamous promotion, and wrote the forward to the book Dahl wrote about that night

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