Wheel of Fortune genius solves puzzle with just one letter

You may not have seen Robert Santoli decimate the competition on Wheel of Fortune last Friday due to NCAA tournament games taking broadcast priority, but he put in one of the most impressive performances in game show history and nearly swept every puzzle. Santoli won a total of $76,000 in cash and prizes (which includes two cruises), and managed to nail a toss up at the beginning of the game with only a single letter showing. 

He solved this. Seriously. 

Santoli, who is from Yorktown, New York, told TapInto.net that he had already memorized a list of potential clues when he found that the show would have a nautical theme and simply got lucky – but he went on to solve every puzzle but one.

Santoli was so good he essentially broke the show. He revealed that host Pat Sajak, who appeared to get annoyed as Santoli kept effortlessly solving puzzles, told him to let the other contestants have a chance. 

"Robert, what took you so long?"