Design team answers the question: What if hockey pucks weren’t round?

Meet the Aalto Puck, the world's first hockey puck that isn't round.

What would happen if hockey pucks weren’t round? 

That’s what the Nordic Society for Invention & Discovery and design brand Iittala decided to find out by creating the Aalto Puck.

In what is part thought experiment, part research project, the designers based the new puck shape on the free-form designs of Finnish architect Alvar Aalto.

So why bother? It’s not like the NHL is looking to change things. The answer is: unpredictability.


According to the press release:

They also point out that hockey pucks haven’t changed in 500 years. So maybe it’s about time?

As experiments go, they’re still in the testing phase. In fact, they’ll send you one of these funky-looking pucks for free. The only catch is you have to send them photos and video of the puck in action.

In case you were wondering, the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery is also working on flying carpets for pets.