Week 11 NFL awards: Best & worst from Sunday’s action

San Francisco’s Ahmad Brooks was called for unnecessary roughness for this hit on Drew Brees.

We saw a little bit of everything Sunday, including one player losing some of his hair while being tackled.

So let’s get into the highs and lows from another great day of NFL action.

Scariest hit suffered by a Pro Bowl QB: Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints. 49ers fans probably don’t want to see this play again, as the penalty called on Ahmad Brooks helped the Saints pull off a comeback victory, but you have to look at Brees’ neck right here:

Best use of one’s belly during a celebration dance: Brandon Mebane, Seattle Seahawks. Well, you won’t be able to un-see this one:

Worst job of trying to pull off a fake field goal: Detroit Lions. Leading the Steelers 27-23 early in the fourth quarter, Jim Schwartz and the Lions decided to get a little tricky … and it cost them as the Steelers took over after this awful play and drove 97 yards for the go-ahead TD.

Best touchdown catch by a guy named Megatron: Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions. I’m not a football genius but even I know that you should probably cover Calvin Johnson a little better than this:

Most unfortunate thing to happen to a huge American flag: The Buffalo Bills brought out a 100-yard flag for the pregame ceremony, which was very cool. But it was very windy in Buffalo on Sunday and, well, this happened:

Most unlikely touchdown scored on a blocked punt: Tony Dye, Cincinnati Bengals. Watch Dye closely in the GIF below. At one point he’s on the ground thinking he just missed out on recovering the ball. And then suddenly he’s up on his feet running in for six points.

Worst thing reportedly said by a ref to a player: Washington’s Trent Williams was furious after Sunday’s game against the Eagles and it had nothing to do with the Redskins losing yet again. Instead, he was upset about this:

Best job of ripping an opposing team fan’s flag from his hands: LeSean McCoy, Philadelphia Eagles. McCoy was pumped up before Sunday’s game and he wasn’t about to let a Redskins fan kill his buzz.

Best testy exchange between a former starting QB and a star WR: Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson, Houston Texans. Oh, Matt Schaub. He just can’t stay out of the news. This time it wasn’t for a pick six (he finally didn’t throw one of those) but for a heated exchange with Johnson that was caught by TV cameras.

Most awkward photo of Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn at Sunday night’s Chiefs-Broncos game:

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn