Watch this driver get ejected from go-kart in rough full-speed crash

As they often say at the go-kart race track, “it's all fun and games until you drive full-speed into the course barriers.”

I'm not sure exactly what went wrong for the woman seen barreling into the tire stack in the video above, but it went wrong enough for her to drive straight into them hard enough to get ejected from the kart. Maybe it was a technical issue, or maybe she just froze up and forgot about the whole “brake and turn” thing. Either way, she's pretty lucky this didn't end worse than it did.

Also pretty lucky is the guy who was recording the whole thing. Fortunately, he had enough awareness to check peripherals before making the corner turn, otherwise he may have gotten plowed into by the rogue kart. That being said, he sacrificed a great opportunity to take a huge lead on the very first lap when he turned around to check on the other driver. Good Samaritan, bad racer.