Competitive eating champ Kobayashi takes on hamster in hot dog contest; cuteness wins

Looks like competitive eating legend Takeru Kobayashi has met his match. 

The world-record eater went bite-for-bite with what may be his smallest and furriest competitior, challenging a tiny adorable hamster named Bogart to a hot dog eating duel. 

But what Bogart lacked in size and stomach space, the hamster more than made up in speed. While his bun-soak technique has helped Kobayashi win six competitive yellow mustard belt titles at Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating competition, the 36-year-old chowhound proved no match for Bogart’s hamster-ized hot dogs and machine-gun pace. 

Check out the dramatic video of the contest below: 

But there were no sour grapes for Kobayashi. Clearly, there was nothing but respect for the victor after the competition: 

Can’t wait to see Bogart take on Joey Chestnut next. 

H/t Extra Mustard