Watch a high schooler boot a ridiculous endzone-to-endzone punt


If football really is a game of field position, then Jack Rogers is a guy you want on your team.

The Frankton (Indiana) senior punter managed to deliver a wildly impressive endzone-to-endzone boot during a game last week. With his team lined up on their own 8-yard-line, Rogers kicked from just inside his own endzone and the punt traveled about 70 yards in the air before taking some very friendly bounces.

Unfortunately, there were too many of those bounces and the ball eventually came to a rest inside the opponents' endzone for a touchback. The punt technically ended up being a net gain of 72 yards, which is still wildly impressive. But even that number doesn't really take do the kick justice. After all, Rogers literally managed to kick the ball 100 yards down the field. That's no small feat, especially in high school football where special teams play tends to be cringeworthy.

And, for what it's worth, that's not exactly a flash in the pan for Rogers. According to Max Preps, his kicking stats are well above the national averages, with an average over 43 yards a punt this season. Hopefully someone has already handed that kid a scholarship.