Scully tells glorious story about pigeon that ‘bird bombed’ Matheny

It’s a story about bird poop, a life-altering decision and love by the inimitable Vin Scully. Only Scully could make the phrase "bird bombing" sound so majestic.

Specifically, it’s a tale about Cardinals manager Mike Matheny as a freshman on the University of Michigan campus, a couple months after getting drafted that by Toronto Blue Jays. Matheny was toiling over whether to go to class or go pro when a bird deposited the answer.

I’ve listened to this four times now and nothing about it has lost any effect. If you can’t play this at work, bookmark and come back later. Also, let’s not quibble over the notion of bird poop as good luck because Scully knows that’s just nonsense to make people covered in bird bombs feel better.

[H/T Hardball Talk]

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