Former Vanderbilt basketball player makes awkward video for book about sex, drugs, more

Kyle Fuller, who played basketball at Vanderbilt from 2010-14,  dishes on fans in an upcoming book.

Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Former Vanderbilt starting point guard Kyle "Zoom" Fuller is writing a book called "Below the Rim" about the "dirty side of college basketball" with a focus on sex, drugs and crooked agents.

The unintentionally funny one-minute promo video for the book slated for a Summer 2015 is a masterpiece in muddlement. 

Interspersed during the clip, Fuller signs autographs and poses for selfies with a handful of kids (one of them with a penguin-encased cell phone) who look like … high school kids. Yet Fuller breaks from obligations of fame to dish about how women would find him in college and not the reverse.

Below the Rim from Zoom Fuller on Vimeo.

"Have you ever had three gorgeous girls that you’ve never met, after a huge game, come to your dorm and ask you to pick one?" Fuller asks. 

Let me think.

No. Never.

None of this is to say that Fuller’s book won’t be an entertaining or worthwhile read. He says he’ll also discuss race, poverty, gang violence and other issues. But right now all we have is kids taking selfies and Fuller’s promise that the book will be awesome. 

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