Two Irish guys say they conned their way into UFC 205 with fake press passes

If you wanted to go to UFC 205 in New York on Saturday you needed a lot of money—or a lot of guts and creativity. 

With ticket prices through the roof, two guys from Ireland decided to see if they could sneak their way in. And it worked. 

Shane Gillen and Kymann Power were in the U.S. for a little sightseeing and found themselves in New York on Friday, so they hatched a scheme to “blag” their way into Madison Square Garden to see their countryman Conor McGregor. 

Kymann used a hi-res camera to take photos of the passes around the waists of people coming in and out of the arena. They mocked up their own passes and boom! They waltzed right in the front door. 

Shane recounted the whole story on Snapchat. 

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Once inside, they had access to the whole arena. They watched the fights, they went to the press conferences, they took photos with a title belt. 

“The hardest part was getting the pass the right colour, as they changed daily. But we also had to gamble on the size of the pass,” Kymann told “When I got through [security], it was the funniest moment ever.”

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