UCLA unveils slick ‘LA Steel’ uniforms designed to make tackling more difficult

What happens when Blue Steel meets LA Steel?

In the latest act of "Keeping Up With the Oregons," fellow Pac-12 member UCLA released its flashy new Adidas-made "LA Steel" alternate uniform on Wednesday. 

According to UCLA’s press release, the look marks the Bruins’ first grey uniforms in school history (to be precise, they’re "rich dark onyx grey wth ultra-light metallic embellishment that shimmer, paying tribute to the bright lights of Los Angeles"). Indeed, this is the golden age of uniform design jersey-selling badassery. Take a closer look.

Pretty cool, right? Players have to be stoked, particularly the skilled position players, because apparently these unis are supposed to make tackling harder for opponents. Per UCLA (emphasis mine):

Gone are the days of loose-fitting material that allows opponents to cling while teammates swarm for a gangle tackle. In the college ranks, at least.

Keep an eye out for "Louisville Lava" alternates.