Fun while it lasted: UCLA removes hot tub from freshman QB Josh Rosen’s dorm room?

UCLA freshman quarterback Josh Rosen’s on-campus dorm room is now apparently just a garden-variety kind after the reported removal of a hot tub that for a brief time seemed to made it legendary.

About a week ago, the true freshman posted a video showing himself lounging in what looks like an inflatable jacuzzi. Later, a photo circulated showing a female Arizona student enjoying the dorm-room spa accomodations with Rosen after she (or someone else looking very much like her) was pictured holding up a sign with her number on it at a UCLA football game.


At some point, Rosen supposedly attracted the attention of UCLA housing folks.

"We have been told that the hot tub has been removed from his room," UCLA associate media director Ricardo Vasquez told TMZ Sports. "It’s gone." 

Vazquez said that the school’s residential housing policy prohibits "furnishings which are not officially designated as part of a residential room’s accessories."  

So, Rosen flew a bit close to the sun, but it at least he took flight.

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