Watch a high school hoops sensation get a technical foul for ‘dribble-dancing’

Just when you think you’ve seen it all on the court, along comes Tyshawn Johnson.

The senior at Kent High School in Maryland is part point guard and part showman, and he was determined to put his stamp on Senior Night. Johnson brought the ball up the court with a little extra bounce in his step, then did a little dribbling while on his tiptoes.

That’s when a fan yells, “Dance on him! Dance on him!” Johnson did just that to the defender as he drove to the hoop. However, the referee apparently wasn’t a fan of the showboating because he hit Johnson with a technical foul. Here’s the footage, courtesy of Johnson’s Twitter account:

We’ll keep an eye on Johnson in case he decides to do backflips across midcourt – without losing his dribble – next time.