Super Bowl winner: Small business GoldieBlox wins free commercial during big game

For so many fans, winning a free trip to the Super Bowl is a chance of a lifetime. For small businesses and their owners, there may be only one thing better: winning a free 30-second spot during the game itself.

And that is exactly what happened this year with GoldieBlox, which won a contest that gives them a free 30-second commercial (which is valued at around $4 million, by the way) during the most watched event of the year.

If you need to know a little bit about the company, whose focus is about encouraging young girls to take an interest in engineering, watch this:

According to BusinessWeek:

Last summer, 15,000 small businesses signed up to compete for the kind of publicity most could only dream of: a professionally produced ad and 30 seconds of airtime during the Super Bowl, worth an estimated $4 million.

Well, GoldieBlox won, and here’s a preview of the ad:

If you think you’ve heard the company’s name in the news before, you have. They made waves by suing The Beastie Boys . . . before The Beastie Boys might have sued them.